Se gryningen
– ett oratorium av Stefan Forssén. kören Ymna under ledning av Johanna Thür, Anna Zander - mezzosopran, Paula Gustafsson - cello
Haga församling, Göteborg, 2008
Brott och straff
– ett requiem av Stefan Forssén. Haga motettkör & Högsbo Vok,
Sound Processing AB 2003

Stefan Forssén is not easily categorized. He is a jazz musician, a renewer of the song and not least a master of a new sensitive and strikingly colourful repertoire for choirs, including the classic 'Vattenkanon'. Those accustomed to this light, soft side of his work will probably be shockingly and powerfully affected by his Requiem.
...By refined, stylish means the music penetrates into the inner experiences of the characters, captures their anxiety, but also the implacable course of event, as well as the timeless embrace that stands ready.


Född i farstun
Lyrics, music och vocals: Astrid Hessel Roxenholt. Piano, some arr. by SF
The Beauty of Bach
A jazz suite by Stefan Forssén. Änglaspel. Footprint Records 2002
Presentation Review

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Tankarnas gröna träd
Göteborgs kammarkör under ledning av Gunnar Eriksson, Footprint Records 2002
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Inbjudan – Invitation
The Chamber Choir of the School of Music, Göteborg University
Lyrics: Lennart Hellsing. Music and arr. SF. Caprice, 1999
"For those verses of Hellsing that are inspired by the Orient, the composer Stefan Forssén has borrowed timbres from jazz and cabaré, sometimes enriched by Arabic ornamentation. The lyrical tone penetrates it all... In short, many brilliant minds meet congenially in this record."

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CD, Änglaspel, Prophone 1999
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Zanzibar Foxtrot
CD, Änglaspel, Prophone 1999
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Bra sånger af Stefan Forssén
Korskolen, Kalundborg kommunala Musikeskole. Focus 1999
Onkel Stefans sånger
Music, arr. and several lyrics by SF. 1998
"The basic touch is of classical, Swedish song lyrics. Congenially instrumented, intensely melodious. A soft musicality that bears listening to over and over again and a wonderful sense of humour... Melancholy, tenderness and a strong pathos permeates all the songs and gives them stature and a certain pride..."

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Från Brännö brygga till Brännö brygga
Arr. and solopiano by SF. Prophone 1994
Resa i nordiskt ljus
Göteborgs kammarkör under ledning av Gunnar Eriksson, Prophone 1994
Stefan Forssén plays with evergreens
Arr. and solopiano by SF. Prophone 1993

"The music is unforseeable and treats you to many exciting surprises. It is high-flying, restrained, cheeky, tranquil in one blessed blend. Forssén fears no challenge in discovering the delight of harmony."

CD, Änglaspel, Prophone 1991

AWARDED the Swedish GRAMMY for Best Jazz Album, 1992

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CD with Katarina Karlsson. Piano,several arr. and some music: SF. Imogena 1991
LP, Änglaspel, Tonart 1988
Göteborgs kammarkör sjunger Lars Gullin
Instr. arr: SF. Proprius 1987
LP, Änglaspel, Dragon 1986
LP, children's songs by Kurt Larsen. Swedish lyrics and song by Britt Ling. Arr. by SF. Tonart 1985
Vinden skall vakna och andra visor
LP. Britt Ling with friends. Arr. by SF. Tonart 1984
LP, Änglaspel, Caprice

1982 års Jazz-i-Sverige-produktion

Axel Falk sjunger Birger Sjöberg
LP, arr. by SF. Viston 1982
Viska du vind
LP, Göteborgs kammarkör. Instr. arr. by SF. Proprius 1981

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Oh Cuba oh ritmo
Göteborgs kammarkörs LP med kubansk musik. Instr. arr. by SF. Proprius 1980
Den stora maskeraden
LP with Dan Berglund. Arr by SF. Proletärkultur 1979
Fiskdikt och fågelsång
LP with Björn Vockhoff. Arr. by SF. YTF 1977
Dan Berglund sjunger Rudolf Nilsson
LP, arr. by SF. Proletärkultur 1977
Det finns inget mörker
LP with Maria Hörnelius. Arr. by SF