2006 was a year of celebration for pianist Stefan Forssén: it was 30 years since he launched a jazz trio by the name of Änglaspel (Angel chimes), nowadays a septett. He is also the artistic leader of the groups Forsséns trio and Lilla Änglaspel (see Press).
Jazz has always been the fundamental element in his music, but he moves without hesitation between many genres – see Works!
In the spring of 2006 there were two original performances of his works: one was of choir music inspired by the Swedish dramatist August Strindberg and his play ’Ett drömspel’, the other of a string quartett, La Collana – see Concerts!
Choir-singers of Sweden and Denmark have found that his work ranges from the quite simple to the really challenging. For many years Forssén was closely connected to the Chamber choir of Gothenburg. Nowadays the Ymna choir of Hagakyrkan, Gothenburg, seems to be selected to present his new work. The Lonevox Choir of Copenhagen has the honour of doing so in Denmark.
Forssén pursues his interest in working with children – his projects often include several children’s choirs.
He is enchanted by the poetry of Lennart Hellsing and has set music to a great many of Hellsing’s verses. Many of these are to be found on a CD and in a book, both titled ’Tusen-och-en-natt-visor’.
In his heart Forssén is a romantic and the scope of his musical expressions extend from dramatic vents to fragile beauty.
When he is not playing the piano or composing one might find him absorbed by a chess problem or maybe about to solve a mathematical mystery.